Friday, May 13, 2011

Meredith says, "Brush. Don't rush."

When my seven-year-old daughter works on her creative writing assignments for school, her teacher often encourages her to use Juicy Details. The Juicy Details are what separates a piece of mundane writing from something that sizzles, and Meredith LOVES taking the time to make her work sizzle.

Because I absolutely love the idea of Juicy Details, we've incorporated the phrase into our daily life. Sure, you can write Happy Birthday on a piece of paper and call it a card, but what sort of Juicy Details will exercise your brain and make the card stand out? We can make our stuffed animals play house without words, but why not make them speak in different made up languages? The juicy details are what makes the kids feel creative. The juicy details are what makes their brains twinkle!

I'm pleased to report that ARM & HAMMER® has released a product that helps kids put the juicy details into brushing their teeth! It's called the MY WAY!™ line, and it allows kids to personalize their brushing experience. Each battery-powered toothbrush comes with 141 water-safe stickers, and kids are encouraged to decorate and personalize the toothbrush handle however they choose. (My kids LOVE adding stickers to just about everything. The fact that they were being encouraged to put stickers on their toothbrushes put them over the moon.) The girls each received an ARM & HAMMER® Spinbrush® MY WAY!® battery powered toothbrush for girls (they have a version for boys, too!), and as soon as we opened the box, they immediately went to work.


Meredith probably spent about twenty minutes studying the stickers and coming up with themes for each side of her toothbrush.


Harper took her time, because, "It's important to make the toothbrush show everything about me that I like."

While the stickers were setting (the packaging recommends that you let the decorated toothbrush sit for thirty minutes before using it), the girls went to work decorating their Orajel® MY WAY!™ Kids Toothpaste. (It includes more than 100 water-safe stickers and is fruit flavored, which the kids love.) Nearly an hour after they started the decorating process, the girls were proud to show off their creations.



When it was time for The Brushing of The Teeth, I conducted a bit of an experiment.
The ARM & HAMMER® Spinbrush® site mentions that kids brush 38% longer when using Spinbrush®. I know for a fact that my kids do NOT brush their teeth for very long. They are both notorious for going into the bathroom, where they brush for about thirty seconds. I then send them BACK into the bathroom to REALLY brush, and I'm often met with eye rolling and heavy sighs.

Last night each of them brushed for over two minutes. I admit, I had my doubts about the 38% thing, but there you go. (I didn't do the actual math, but I think it's safe to say that my kids brushed over 100% longer with Spinbrush®!)



The ARM & HAMMER® Spinbrush® MY WAY!™ for Girls was a huge hit at our house. The stickers enabled the kids to incorporate some Juicy Details, and their extended brushing time showed me that oral care can actually improve by sprinkling some fun into the mix! It doesn't get much better than that! (Although *I'm* not a big fan of fruit-flavored toothpaste for kids, the girls really seemed to enjoy the Orajel® MY WAY!™ Kids Toothpaste. They had a pretty hard time dispensing it onto their toothbrushes (it's a pump and the button was a bit stiff), but once it was on, they were fans!)

How do you encourage creativity with your kids? Do you help them incorporate Juicy Details into their daily routine? Leave a comment below, and on June 9th, the random number generator will choose one of you to win a $100 Visa gift card from BlogHer and ARM & HAMMER®!

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